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These custom hand-made pendants are made for the special shards of sea glass that are just too irregular or large to fit in a bezel setting, or whose color just can't be seen well in an enclosed environment. This pendant is entirely hand-made using solid sterling silver, and is fully-backed. The sea glass in this particular pendant is a Victorian Era 'End of Day' shard. It is a relic found on the northeast coast of England, and is a hand-blown remnant of the very first glass production facility on earth. As always, the settings are professionally crafted, seamless, and expertly finished with attention to every detail. (The sea glass in this pendant measures app. 5/8" x 1/2")

*includes choice of 16" or 18" sterling silver chain (pictured)

Blue 'End of Day' Prong-Set Pendant

  • All of my metalwork has a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee. If ever an issue arises due to the craftsmanship of one of my creations, I will repair or replace it without question!

Domestic Shipping is always Free!!!

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