January 12, 2019

In this video I take an initial appraisal of a piece of sea glass to determine its quality and value by the state of its hydration. Doing this will help give an approximate time table or how long a shard of glass has been in the sea, which affects its conditioning (hyd...

January 11, 2019

 One of the most coveted colors of sea glass is cobalt blue.  Watch this video to learn more about what this popular color of glass might have been before it found its way into the ocean.

January 6, 2019

In this  video, I further discuss the process of hydration, and specifically address the general length of time that sea glass needs to spend in the ocean before a shard of glass becomes 'conditioned' or 'hydrated'. 

Scholarship teaches us that glass will spend an...

December 16, 2018

In this week's video, I use an example of a found shard to discuss several things that can sometimes be immediately known about some sea glass when its found, and which gives us an idea of how much time an individual shard may have spent in the ocean. 

These things that...

December 1, 2018

How to tell the difference between authentic sea glass and man-made sea glass.

November 25, 2018

This video addresses the question that every sea glass collector, be they beginner or seasoned pro, finds themselves asking from time to time. What should I keep and what do I throw back into the sea to finish 'cooking'? 

While everyone's decisions are personal, and the...

November 18, 2018

In this video I talk a bit about the process of 'hydration', the term used for the chemi